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The Villa Collection Denmark bath mat serves many purposes – as a combination of a bathroom rug and
a bath mat.Where the rug often has to be included in the bathroom’s other interior, design and expression,
while the mat has more practical features like avoiding slippery and wet floors and soft base for bare feet, Villa
Collections’s bathing mat is both functional and beautiful. 100% cotton – 1950g, optimally because cotton absorb
many times its own weight and dries relatively quickly – reversible so you have the choice between a beautiful
square pattern or just a classic uniform surface. And with two classic colors like Anthracite gray and Cream white, comes in 2 functional sizes; 80x50 cm and 120x70 cm – it’s just a good choice regardless of the size of your bathroom.

• Reversible – beautiful square pattern or classic uniform surface

• 100% Cotton – provides high absorbency and a soft base for bare feet Anthracite Gray or Cream White

• Great sizes 80x50cm or 120x70cm